Mike Pence Joins Young America’s Foundation as Presidential Scholar, Starts Podcast

Though the former President may be uncharacteristically hushed, the former Vice President quickly lent his efforts to help bolster the conservative movement. Announced by the organization on Friday, VP Mike Pence has joined Young America’s Foundation (YAF) as its Ronald Reagan Presidential Scholar. 

“Vice President Pence has been a stalwart defender of individual freedom, traditional values, free markets, and limited government throughout his career of distinguished service to our country,” former Republican Wisconsin and current president of YAF Gov. Scott Walker said. 

“Now, by partnering with YAF, the vice president will continue to attract new hearts and minds to the conservative cause, passing along the ideas of freedom—just as President Reagan did before, during, and after his time in office,” Walker finished

As one of the leading youth organizations in the arena of conservatism, Pence ascends to an impressive slate of conservatives thinkers who have spoken on campuses through YAF which includes heavyweights like Lady Margaret Thatcher, Attorneys General Ed Meese and John Ashcroft, Ben Shapiro, William F. Buckley, Jr., Speaker Newt Gingrich, and Michael Reagan, among many others.

Pence has steadily grown into a routine partner with YAF, speaking to students during conferences both as a congressman and as vice president. As a formal member, Pence will deliver lectures on college campuses and student conferences alongside his upcoming podcast and monthly op-eds.

“Throughout its 60-year history, Young America’s Foundation has been a bulwark of the conservative movement, advancing the cause of freedom and ensuring our future leaders embrace America’s founding principles and I am honored to join YAF as the Ronald Reagan Presidential Scholar,” Pence said.

“Long before I became vice president to President Donald Trump, the vision and leadership of Ronald Reagan inspired my youth and I am humbled to continue the work of advancing the conservative cause from a position bearing his name,” Pence continued. “Now more than ever, we need to take the case for freedom, free markets, and traditional values to the rising generation and I look forward to working with the great YAF team to ensure the torch of freedom shines bright for generations to come.”

YAF’s announcement comes a day after conservative think tank The Heritage Foundation brought Pence on board as a distinguished visiting fellow

“Over the course of the past four years, our team at Heritage has worked closely with members of the Trump administration on a host of policy accomplishments,” said Heritage President Kay C. James in a statement.

“That’s why I am excited Vice President Mike Pence will join forces with Heritage to ensure we continue to advance conservative principles and policy solutions,” James said. “His allegiance to the Constitution and commitment to advancing a conservative policy agenda make him an outstanding fit for The Heritage Foundation.”

With President Joe Biden’s rapid shifts in how the federal government operates and corrosive progressivism pervading the social fabric, there is no overstating how imperative it is to instill conservative principles and love of America into our youth.

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