Biden To Slow Down On Executive Orders And Focus On Agenda

President Biden is aiming to slow down on his executive orders by possibly the middle of next week and start to shift his focus in getting key parts of his agenda passed, which include a $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package as the top priority, according to Biden Admin Officials.

President Biden is making it very clear that he does not want former President Trump’s upcoming impeachment trial to interfere with his agenda

Former President Trump will not be convicted by the Senate, according to administration officials.

“He’s going to let the Senate do what it needs to do,” a Biden ally said, reports The Hill. “We always knew this was going to happen. We always knew this would be the position we’re in now with Republicans, and now he’s going to respect the process and let it play out.”

President Biden stressed the importance of the relief bill on Friday to reporters in the Oval Office.

“The notion here is we have to act now,” Biden said. “We have learned from past crises, the risk is not doing too much, the risk is not doing enough,” he added.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who is in close contact with the White House, said on Thursday that a budget resolution that would be the vehicle for passing the coronavirus bill by reconciliation will be on the House floor next week. “I hope we don’t need it, but if needed, we have it,” Pelosi stated.

Joe Biden also plans to push his immigration bill in a few weeks, unlike the White House’s insistence that the coronavirus legislation cannot be passed in pieces, it may be able to be pushed separately.

Sources: Washington Post, The Hill, and The Washington Insider; Photo:

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