Biden’s Abortion Decisions

Friday marked the 48th anniversary of the controversial Roe v. Wade decision.  President Biden made clear his support for the decision.  Biden, an outspoken Catholic, is facing some backlash for his views. 

The Roe v. Wade decision made it so that a woman could choose what to do with a pregnancy (Britannica).  This decision is one of the most popular Supreme Court decisions of all time.  It has been very controversial since it was decided as some view it as taking another’s life while others believe it relates to women’s health.  

President Biden believes in codifying the 1973 court decision.  “Codifying Roe would make it harder for state abortion restrictions to pass legal muster, abortion rights advocates argue.   Abortion opponents argue such a move would interfere with states’ rights to set their own rules on the procedure.”(Hellmann).

Joe Biden has acknowledged his Catholic faith prior to becoming president.  A belief held within Christianity is that abortion is wrong.  In a piece wrtitten by Jamie Manson, the president of Catholics for Choice, she argues “Catholics are almost twice as likely to vote for candidates who support policies providing safe and legal abortion than for those who fail to do so” (NBC)., a pro-life group, tweeted “Joe Biden just released a statement celebrating Roe v Wade, which has killed 62 million babies in abortions. This is the biggest genocide in human history.  The statement is disgusting but not surprising.”

On Thursday, it was announced that the “Mexico City policy” would be repealed.  Created in 1985 by President Ronald Reagan, the policy was created “to block US federal funding for any non governmental organizations (NGOs) that provide access to abortion, abortion counselling or that campaign for decriminalisation of the medical procedure, as part of their family planning services” (Hutton).  Since its creation, Republican presidents have upheld it whereas Democratic presidents have done away with it.  President Trump reinstated it very early on in his presidency (Hutton).

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