Biden’s First Days

President Biden got right to action on Wednesday after officially being sworn into office.  He signed a decent amount of executive orders.  What will be different after just a few days under President Biden?

To begin with, Biden signed 17 executive orders in roughly 24 hours of being the president.  One move that Biden made was to rejoin the Paris Climate Accords, something that Trump broke from during his presidency.  He is also ending the hope for the Keystone XL pipeline by revoking the permit for it (Kavi).  Both the Canadian and U.S. governments are heavily involved in the pipeline.  The company that owns it is Canadian based.  According to their website, the pipeline would help invest $8 billion into the North American economy.  Stopping the pipeline expansion will cost 10,400 U.S. jobs and 2,800 Canadian jobs (KeystoneXL).    

Biden also put a focus on helping with the vaccine rollout.  In regard to his Covid decisions Biden said, “Our national strategy is comprehensive, it’s based on science, not politics. It’s based on truth, not denial, and it’s detailed” (CNN).  There was much talk about a 100 day mask mandate to be installed by Biden’s administration right off the bat.  To avoid potential legal issues, Biden has resorted to encouraging a focus on Covid protocols.  The U.S. will also rejoin the World Health Organization (Kavi).  On Thursday alone, Biden signed ten executive orders related to Covid-19. 

While Biden was busy signing executive orders and settling into the White House, Rep. Marjorie Greene filed articles of impeachment against Biden.  What exactly is included in the articles has not yet been released.  However, “Greene indicated that the articles accuse Biden of abusing his power while serving as vice president by allowing his son, Hunter, to serve on the board of a Ukrainian energy company” (Marcos).

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