Ohio ‘Stand Your Ground’ Gun Bill Awaits Gov. DeWine’s Decision

Mike DeWine governor of Ohio didn’t say what his stance was on a “Stand Your Ground” bill that the state’s Republican-led Senate approved Friday.

“We should not be taking up bills like that when we have bills that have been in front of the legislature for a year, where we have the opportunity to directly save lives,” DeWine stated.

Last week, he said the legislature should first pass “some protections” related to gun violence.

The bill, passed 18-11, with four Republicans and seven Democrats voting against it, would remove the requirement that someone must try to retreat before shooting in self-defense.

The current law makes an exception for self-defense shootings in one’s own home or vehicle.

“My right to defend myself from serious bodily harm or death does not change just because I am outside the walls of my home … inside or outside my car. My right to defend myself from serious bodily harm or death should be extended to anywhere I am lawfully allowed to be,” Rep. Kyle Koehler said.

Democrats say the bill would encourage violence and will negatively affect Black men, claiming a jury would be less likely to believe they shot in self-defense and in a potential confrontation with a shooter.

“Black people are going to die disproportionately compared to white people,” Rep. Stephanie Howse, said.

Sources: Politico and Newsmax; Photo: news break.com

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