VOTE NOW: Should Michigan’s vote be discounted after Forensic Audit ‘Reportedly’ shows Dominion Machines switched up to 33% of Trump votes to Biden in one County?

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Ever since what was supposed to be the “November 3rd Election”, the key swing states of Nevada, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin, and Arizona have all been under fire by the Trump Campaign and the President’s supporters.

As weeks pressed forward, video releases along with sworn testimonies have provided a growing list of evidence for voter fraud in each one of those swing states. In many cases, GOP observers were not allowed entry while ballot counting was going on; in addition, windows were covered to prevent observers from watching the count.

Along with the growing list of fraud, Dominion Voting Systems has become under attack for ‘reportedly’ switching Trump votes to Biden in multiple swing states including Michigan, Nevada and Georgia.

Michigan Judge Kevin Elsenheimer, who is on the thirteenth Circuit Court ordered for the release of a forensic audit on dominion voting machines in recent days. The reports ‘reportedly’ show that 33% of Trump votes were switched to Biden in one county.

Due to the growing evidence of fraud and the inability to see how many ballots are fraudulent, should Michigan’s vote be discounted towards the presidential race? Vote now in our poll above!

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