URGENT POLL: Should Hunter Biden Be Arrested for Corruption?

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For years now it has been very apparent that Hunter Biden under Joe Biden’s Vice Presidency was involved in corrupt business dealings with foreign countries. Hunter Biden became a memember of the board of Ukrainian energy company Burisma, making millions of dollars a year despite having zero background knowledge and was a known drug addict.

Furthermore, Hunter Biden racked in $3 Million from the wife of the Mayor of Moscow; a close associate of Vladimir Putin. This seems to be very ironic being that for years we heard President Trump was colluding with Russia, yet the Biden family made millions and the Clintons made millions from Russia.

Biden also somehow managed to strike a billion dollar deal after flying aboard Air Force 2 with his corrupt father to China. The fact that the media will not share this deal alone is astonishing.

With all of that being said, Hunter Biden along with his corrupt father continue to walk free despite becoming rich at the cost of putting our country last through corrupt business deals.

If you are tired of Hunter Biden walking free despite years of corrupt business dealings, then vote in our poll above on if Hunter Biden should be arrested for corruption!

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