‘Tolerant Left’s’ Archive of Trump Supporters is ‘No Longer Active’ According to the Creator

A few weeks ago, New York representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeted asking if someone was archiving a list of Trump supporters and officials in the event that they try to “downplay” their support of him and “furthering his agenda”. Since then, the Trump Accountability Project was announced, a project that serves to list all Trump supporters and officials and hold them accountable for “what they did”.

The official website stated that they wanted to ensure that “this”, referring to a Trump/conservative presidency, never happened again. It continued to say that those who were in support of this presidency should not be rewarded with book deals, TV contracts, jobs, or the like and should instead be held responsible for “loosening the guardrails of our democracy”.

When they first announced themselves, Senator Marsha Blackburn asked to be added to the list. Saying that if they are counting those who support the police and are trying to prevent socialism and the Green New Deal, she ought to be added to the list.

The creators of the project have come out said that after Joe Biden’s calls for unity of the country they have decided to back down on their mission. They released an official statement saying, “Ultimately, however, the goal of the project was to play a part in restoring the soul of the nation, and we’ll follow President-elect Biden’s lead to get us there. Accordingly, in the spirit of the President-elect’s call to build a more united country, this project will no longer be active.”

When the project was first announced, several people came out in support of it. Like Pete Buttigieg staffer, Hari Sevugan, and columnist for the Washington Post, Jennifer Rubin. Rubin tweeted that any Republicans who are questioning the outcome of the election should be barred from holding positions like public office, faculty, or corporate board; nor should they be welcomed into “polite society”.

Luckily, the project has been canceled, and while there may not be an active list forming, the threats to conservatives still remain easily potential. Democrats were not happy with Trump’s presidency or anyone who supported him, it wouldn’t be all that impossible to see the promises of the Trump Accountability Project try to play out in the future, despite the project being disbanded.

Sources: Twitter, Breitbart; Photo-Disrn

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