VOTER FRAUD: Two Mail-in Ballots from New York are for Dead People

Republicans have been wary and warned of the danger of voter fraud while Democrats are promising there is nothing to worry about. Over the last few months the country has seen several instances of voter fraud through mail-in ballots being thrown out or ballot harvesting.

In several cities dumpsters have been found to have several or even hundreds of election ballots thrown out, most if not all of them, had been cast for President Trump. Now, in New York City two ballots have been found to have been cast by people who’ve been dead for years. Frances Reckhow was born in 1915, would be 105 today, and died in 2012 requested mail-ballot. “She” received one, filled it out, and returned it. Gertrude Nizzere, who was born in 1919, would be 101, and died in 2016, also requested a ballot, filled it, and returned it.

So far, only two ballots from dead people have been found, but there could easily be more. Someone wouldn’t go to the trouble of finding out who’s dead and still on the voter rolls to only cast two dead votes.

The Staten Island Republican Party reported the invalid ballots to the New York Post and say they are reaching out to the police and the Staten Island District Attorney Michael McMahon. Staten Island GOP chairman Brendan Lantry said, “People should be on the alert for dead people voting. There are people using the names of dead voters to cast ballots. I believe this is just the tip of the iceberg. We’re requesting that the NYPD and the Staten Island District Attorney’s Office investigate.”

Sources: New York Post, Breitbart; Photo-Intellectual Takeout

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