Kamala Harris Encouraged People to Donate to the Minnesota Freedom Fund; Turns Out That Money Was Used to Bail Out Alleged Sexual Assaulters

In June, Kamala Harris encouraged people to donate to the Minnesota Freedom Fund (MFF) to help bail out people who were protesting police brutality following the death of George Floyd in Minnesota Police custody. She has a personalized link to the fund’s website and is still accepting donations.

On September 4, the MFF revealed that only about 6% of the donations had been used to bail out protesters. According to Forbes, by June 16 more than $30 million had been raised and $200,000 had already been spent.

The Daily Caller found out that in the months after Kamala Harris, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s running mate, had promoted the bail fund that money donated had been used to bail out sexual assaulters, many of which had assaulted young girls. Those who received bail money from the freedom fund were Timothy Wayne Columbus, William Harold Jones, and Emmet Duane Williams.

Columbus faces up to 30 years in prison for sexually assaulting an 8 year old girl. Jones, 57, is accused of assaulting his 15 year old daughter. After he was arrested he signed a form stating that the money used to bail him out came from the bail fund and should be returned to the MFF. Williams, 39, is accused of assaulting his 16 year old niece in his vehicle after picking her and her cousin up. The girl was able to get away and called another family member for help. A week later, he signed a form that the money used to bail him out came from the MFF and should be returned to them as well.

Since the release of these findings, neither Kamala Harris or Joe Biden have said anything about it.

Sources: The Daily Caller, Forbes; Photo-Armenian Reporter

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