WATCH THIS: Joe Biden says Police Should Shoot Criminals in the Leg instead of “Shoot to Kill”

During the town hall that happened in place of the second presidential debate, Joe Biden was talking about the police and deescalation methods saying that shooting someone in the leg should be the preferred method of deescalation instead of shooting to kill. He said, “We can do this, we can ban chokeholds. Beyond that, you have to teach people how to deescalate circumstances. Deescalate. So, instead of anybody coming at you and the first thing you do is shoot to kill, you shoot ’em in the leg!”

Joe Biden has 0 understanding of what it’s like to be a police officer or what it’s like to shoot a gun in self defense. Police officers draw their weapons only in instances of self defense or to protect other people. Joe Biden really expects police officers to shoot a little tiny bullet into the very small target of a leg and believes that that will deescalate the situation? Is he out of his mind? It is impossible to think that a crazy person being shot in the leg is going to calm them down. What if the criminal has a gun? Even if he is shot in the leg, he could easily, easily still shoot other people.

He also called for more “transparency” and wants chokeholds to be banned as well as more background checks for police officers. He thinks it would be wise for psychologists and social workers to respond to calls with police officers. Now, in some, some instances that could be beneficial. But police officers are called and armed because of the chance that a peaceful situation turns deadly. What is a social worker going to do if they show up to a domestic dispute with goals of “talking them down” but the crazy person has a weapon and decides to get violent with those in the house or even the social worker? What are they going to do? The bottom line is social workers and psychologists are not equipped, trained, or prepared to handle the calls that very often turn violent. Sometimes people just cannot be talked down and other methods, methods that the police are trained in, are needed to get victims to safety.

When someone is committing a crime or has become violent, their safety is not the first priority. It is a priority, but not the first. Of course, officers are concerned for the well being of the person/people they are dealing with, but if there are bystanders, family, children, coworkers, or anyone else around in a violent situation, their safety becomes first priority.

People who have no idea what it’s like to live the life of a police officer, especially in 2020, need to stay out and stop telling them how to do their job. They don’t know what it’s like and they need to stop pretending like they do. That means you, Joe Biden.

Sources: Breitbart, Twitter, Daily Caller; Photo-CNBC

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